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AVL cabling connection system

Catalyst Overview

No soldering
+ industry standard specs
+ standard Cat6 connections
= fast install.

Build faster with Catalyst: the building blocks for your AVL in/out.  Use the design tool to easily configure and order plates.

Watch the video:

AVL Structured Wiring System

Catalyst is the premiere solution to allow systems integrators to rapidly install high- quality, dependable audio and lighting control cabling using standard structured wiring systems. Instead of specialty AV cables, Catalyst exploits shielded category cabling for analog audio and digital connections, allowing rapid installation, termination, and testing. In addition to labor savings, Catalyst exceeds the bandwidth performance of standard audio cabling systems.

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Wider Bandwidth Performance

Long distance runs and studio-grade connections are possible with a fraction of the conduit fill and difficulty of conventional methods. Grounding, shielding and electrical isolation has been carefully engineered to make quiet, high- performance systems possible with minimal effort.


Speed Up Your Workflow

Catalyst modules connect using shielded category cable. Now you can connect your entire building with one type of cable, rapidly installing audio, video, and lighting control cabling using structured wiring systems.

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Our ability to customize rack panels, wall plates and floor boxes provide integrators with greater flexibility and ease-of-installation. Build it with the Configurator.


Cabling for the audio systems can be installed with other network wiring in the building, so you don’t require an audio specialist to install it. Using standard modular connectors, we’ve eliminated the need for soldering in the field. With Catalyst, connecting audio devices and testing them can be a breeze.



Below are example applications of the Catalyst system in a room utilizing a stage with several audio components. Modules are used to accomplish whatever needs may arise while offering plenty of options for floor or wall mount installation.

Your ability to customize rack panels, wall plates and floor boxes provide greater flexibility and ease-of-installation.

Catalyst Configurator


Try the
Design Tool

Ready to begin using Catalyst or explore available options? Give the Configurator a try and build out your custom solution now.


*See the entire lineup of Catalyst products


The Catalyst L-Series is intended for use in Floor- and Wall-Box applications. Plate layouts are available for use with back boxes from Ace Backstage, FSR and Hoffman. Combine L-Series modules with S-Series modules or other D-Mount connectors for a complete plate and box design. The L-Series audio modules feature a pass-through for parallel connection to front-panel drop snake connections or to other modules in the system.



The Catalyst G-Series is intended for use in standard NEMA gang boxes, and other NEMA-sized specialty boxes, such as those from FSR.

G models are numbered from top to bottom.



The Catalyst GS-Series is intended for use in standard NEMA gang boxes, and other NEMA-sized specialty boxes, such as those from FSR. Each terminating connector may be individually assigned to a Catalyst audio channel at will using a simple DIP switch, allowing fully-custom channel and connector arrangements.



The Catalyst S-Series complements our L- and G- series plate systems to provide additional connectivity beyond audio pairs. Single RJ45 modules can provide multipair pass-through for any audio pairs, either looping from L-series modules or additional remote lines, four pairs at a time. In addition, include ANSI standard DMX512 connections over the same category cabling.



The R-Series forms the core of a typical Catalyst system, allowing home runs from remote IO plates to be centrally terminated and patched in an equipment rack. Each remote plate can connect to a complementary rack module, which may then be patched with standard XLR patch cables into local equipment.



T-Series stage breakout boxes allow for remote IO to be connected throughout a stage, using a single shielded category cable for each set of four audio pairs. Use the CX-T-4XF and -8XF models to extend microphone inputs to areas like drum or keyboard risers. The CX-T-4XFM can be used to extend output lines, or can be used in standalone pairs to move audio around in portable applications.



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