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Speed up your workflow.

Every Catalyst system uses shielded category cable. Connect your entire project with the same cable type and rapidly install audio, video, and lighting control cabling.

Customize the solution.

Rack panels, wall plates, and floor boxes can all be customized to provide integrators with greater flexibility and ease of installation.

Build and price out a system in a breeze.

Using the Configurator, our dealers can map out an entire cabling system for their clients. 


Catalyst was birthed out of a struggle to find high-quality cabling system solutions for integrators that provided flexibility and ease-of-installation.

We wanted to create a way to rapidly install audio, video, and lighting control cabling. Ultimately, we wanted to save integrators time and money on every type of cabling project.

The solution is Catalyst.


Catalyst is a cabling system for your AVL integration. Save time, money, and gain flexibility in your next project.

Standard modular connectors have eliminated the need for soldering in the field. Grounding, shielding, and electrical isolation has been carefully engineered to make quiet, high-performance systems possible with minimal effort. With the ability to make long distance runs and studio-grade connections using just one type of cabling in the entire project, Catalyst has changed the game.


We are pushing the boundaries of where the market is and setting a new standard for what’s possible. We hope you’ll join us.

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